Getting a new car can be an exciting time, but do you know what you should be looking for at delivery? Our expert team have been working in leasing for decades, and have put together their best tips and tricks for

We’ve broken this down into three sections; what you need to do before delivery, at delivery and after delivery

What to Check Before Delivery of Your New Car

There are a few things you’ll want to check before you take delivery of your new lease car.

Firstly, you want to double check your contract and know what you are responsible for and how you are going to manage these responsibilities. For example, if you opt for a non-maintained lease you will need to know the servicing intervals and when you reach them arrange and pay for the service and any associated works.

You should also check what the delivery expectations are from both the funder and dealer. Some common conditions that may be placed on delivery include:

  • Only being able to deliver to the home address (as per the contracts signed) or business address for company vehicles
  • Only being able to hand the vehicle over to the person taking out the lease
  • Needing a photo ID to verify the signee’s identity

If Car Lease Special Offers is arranging your new lease, then we will let you know of any delivery conditions when we arrange delivery for you.

Most lease vehicles will not be taxed and registered until the day of delivery this is to ensure the manufacturer’s warranty lasts for as long as possible for you. However, this will mean that a lot of comparison websites and insurers will not be able to locate the car’s details based on the registration. This means you will usually need to get the full vehicle spec in order to get the insurance in place.

What to Check When Your New Car Arrives

When your vehicle is delivered, you will want to check a few different aspects of the vehicle itself.

Vehicle Inspection

Firstly, you should check the vehicle is the one you are expecting. This includes checking the registration matches the one you’ve been provided, the spec of the car and that any additional products and features are there.

Secondly, you want to inspect the vehicle for any damage, on both the exterior and interior. You are entitled to do this and can take your time in doing so, the delivery driver should wait until you complete the vehicle inspection before getting you to sign the handover documents and leaving.

Exterior Damage Checklist:

  • Check the paintwork – look for any dents, scratches or chips to the paint
  • Check the glass – all of the windows, windscreens and wing mirrors for any cracks or stone chips
  • Check the wheels – including the tyre condition for any cracks or bulges, the alloys for any scruffs or dents
  • Check all of the lights are working

Interior Damage Checklist:

  • Make sure no warning lights are showing
  • Check the seats and upholstery for any scratches, stains or tears
  • Check the dash and panelling for any scratches or scuffs
  • Check the infotainment system is set up and software is working
  • Check all electronic windows and features like handsfree tailgates are operational

It is important to fully inspect the vehicle for any damage and that this is noted on the delivery paperwork as once you sign for the vehicle the dealership can no longer accept any liability for damage you find after that point, and you may be responsible for the repairs.

What to Do if Your New Lease Car is Damaged

If you do notice some damage to your vehicle, then it is up to you whether you accept the car. You can contact us at the point of delivery if you need to and our Customer Services Team will be able to advise on your options.

If you do accept the car, then there are a few things you should do to ensure that the damage doesn’t come back on you at the end of your agreement. Firstly, you should make sure any damage, no matter how minor it is, is noted on the delivery paperwork. This ensures there is a record of it with the dealership and funder. Secondly, we advise you take pictures of the damage. You may be asked to provide these after delivery to assess the repairs needed and they’re always helpful to have as the images will be timestamped to show when they were taken. We will help you to arrange the repairs to be completed, if you decide you want the damage to be repaired. If it is only minor then you might decide to leave it as it is, which is fine provided the damage is reported on delivery so that there is a record of it with the lease funder.


Vehicle Controls

As part of the vehicle inspection, you might also want to check that you know where the essential controls are and how they operate in your new car. This can include checking features like how the stop-start engine is engaged, how you turn the lights on and convenience features like the air conditioning. Your driver should have a basic understanding of these controls and be able to show you how to operate the vehicle if it is different to your previous car.

Delivery Mileage

The delivery driver should make a note of the delivery mileage on the handover paperwork, however you might also want to make a note of this yourself for your own records. This will help you keep track of where you are in your mileage allowance during the lease.

Handover Documents

The delivery driver will need to complete handover documents with you which you should check to make sure any comments you’ve added are correct, and damage is documented, and the delivery mileage is correct. These documents can be paper documents or electronic.

Your funder will receive a copy of the delivery documentation which is why this needs to be as accurate as possible.

What to Be Aware of After Delivery of Your New Lease Car

Once you’ve taken the vehicle then there aren’t too many more things to check as you’ve completed most of the essential checks at the point of handover but there are a few aspects you might want to check to make things easier for you.

We’ve already mentioned checking the essential controls, but once you’ve got the car you can then explore the other features and controls to make sure you make the most of them. You might want to read the vehicle manual or watch video reviews of the model on YouTube.

Your Scheduled Payment Dates

One thing that you should be aware of before delivery is that your initial rental payment is usually taken within two weeks of delivery (if it is not paid beforehand) and that the regular monthly payments will usually be taken a month after delivery, unless otherwise specified in your contract.

After you have taken delivery of the car and your lease is live on the funders system, they will be able to confirm the exact payment dates which can help you manage your finances to ensure funds are available. You may be able to change the monthly payment date to one that’s more convenient for you.


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