We’ve heard a lot about delays to new cars in recent months with the long term effects of the Covid-19 pandemic being felt across the industry in all areas of production. But, as we all start to get a grip on what’s being impacted and ways of working around them, manufacturers are again releasing new models.

In this article we’ve picked our top 10 cars that are expected to arrive in the UK this year, and as they come in, we’ll be providing you with a review of each – so keep your eyes peeled for these in the coming months!

Top Ten Cars of 2022

For now, let’s take a look at the top ten picks – from revamped favourites through to new supercars we’ve included them all!

1. Skoda Fabia


The first car we can’t wait to see is the brand new Skoda Fabia! It’s a supermini that’s a favourite for families and first-time drivers alike and offers you a compact exterior for smooth manoeuvring around the town whilst maintaining a spacious interior.

The Fabia is the last of the VW Group’s cars to move onto the MQB AO platform which provides it with a range of new engines and improved driving experience.

From its predecessor you’ll notice there’s a little more room with 50 extra litres in the cargo space, and a revamped exterior to bring it in line with the sleeker, more modern finish recent models have benefited from.

This one was available to pre-order in the latter part of last year and so we’ll see models being driven out and about any day now. You can get a great leasing deal on one with us or check out all our Skoda offers if you want to see what other options they’ve got.

2. Lamborghini Countach


Lamborghini are giving us all a blast from the past with the brand new Countach, based on the original model from the 1970s. Though this model will be fully modernised to give drivers a supercar of the future that honours the brand’s powerful past.

The Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 is a hybrid supercar that can achieve a whopping 803 brake horsepower (bhp) through the V12 engine and electric motor pairing. Combined with the seven-speed automatic gearbox and super light carbon fibre construction this power means it can achieve 0-62 mph in just 2.8 seconds.

Lamborghini are expected to produce just 112 examples of these each with a price tag of around £2 million.

3. Audi Q6 e-tron


Image Sourced: https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/best-cars-vans/355125/best-new-cars-coming-2022-and-beyond-pictures

Audi are continuing to make impressive strides in the electric vehicle (EV) sector with their expanding range of luxury EVs designed for every driver and the Q6 e-tron is set to be their most advance electric SUV yet. Following on from the recent releases of the e-tron GT and Q4 e-tron in the next step of Audi’s ambitious plan to launch 20 new EV models in three years.

It will sit on the same premium platform electric architecture as the second-generation Porsche Macan and has an 800V electrical architecture similar to the e-tron GT which minimises time spent off road with ultra-rapid charges. There’s little information about the actual battery capacity available just yet but we expect to see a range near the top of the pack around 380 miles or more.

On the interior you’ll find a comfortable and high-quality finish with the 11.6 inch infotainment screen seen in the Q4, leather trims and much more.

4. Ford Fiesta


The Ford Fiesta is one of the most popular models that Ford has ever produced and is loved by families, corporate drivers and hot hatch lovers alike.

In 2022 we’ll see a refreshed model with Ford’s mid-life revamp that’s expected to bring us a new look to the driver’s favourite. There will be the redesigned front with a larger grille and more prominent Ford badge along with the redesigned LED headlights. ST and ST-Line models will also receive a more angular bumper for a sportier look.

Ford will retain the range of 1.0 litre EcoBoost engines, including those with mild-hybrid technology and you’ll be able to select a trim level that suits you.

If you can’t wait until then take a look at our current Ford Fiesta deals or browse all our hot hatch offers.

5. Aston Martin Vanquish Concept


Image Sourced: https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/best-cars-vans/355125/best-new-cars-coming-2022-and-beyond-pictures

The second supercar to make it onto our list is the Aston Martin Vanquish which we expect to see more of towards the end of this year.

The Vanquish Vision concept was first shown at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show and it gives us an idea of the model expected to launch later this year. There’s a mid-engine layout with an expected V8 engine and aluminium structure to help deliver superior performance.

We expect to see a completed version of the Vanquish soon and when we do we’ll update you!

6. Cupra Born


Cupra is a brand that’s growing in popularity and building a recognisable catalogue of stand out models. This year they’re adding to that with their very first all-electric model the Cupra Born.

Expected to arrive this side of summer it will be based on the same underpinnings as the Volkswagen ID.3 but will have more dramatic styling, bodywork and wheels.

The 58 kWh 204 PS battery option can charge from 5 % to 80 % in as little as 35 minutes depending on the charger you are using. It will be compatible with ultra-rapid charging so you spend as little time off the road as possible, but with the expected range of over 320 miles it’ll be rare you actually need to charge on the go.

We’ll keep you posted on when the Cupra Born arrives in the UK and when we can offer you great leasing deals on it.

7. Honda Civic


Expected to arrive later in the year Honda are giving us both a revitalised Civic and the hot hatch Civic Type R.

The new Civic is currently being built in Japan after the closure of their Swindon plant where it was previously produced and will only be offered as a hybrid model, marking the company’s shift towards EVs. The exact specifications have not yet been revealed but it’s expected to be powered by either a 1.5 or 2 litre petrol engine and electric motor.

Looks wise, the new Civic will be sleeker than the current models, with the rear looking more like a saloon than the hatch it is.

There’s already models of the new Civic available in the US and based on this we can also expect a revamped interior with more tech for drivers convenience.

With the Type R we will still get the triple-exit exhausts and large wheelarches though it’s overall look is slightly less aggressive than the current models with the rear spoiler replaced by a lighter option. Again, this model will benefit from improved interior tech, with the new infotainment centre as well as figure hugging front seats for driver comfort. We’ve not yet had the spec confirmed but as more information comes out we’ll keep you updated!

8. BMW 7 Series


Image Sourced: https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/best-cars-vans/355125/best-new-cars-coming-2022-and-beyond-pictures

The next BMW 7 Series is expected to arrive later this year and we predict it will be a strong rival to the Mercedes S-Class

We expect there to be both hybrid and electric models available with the fully electric version to feature similar EV technology the brand currently uses in the i4, and it’s likely that this will have the i7 badge to mark it as one of BMW’s electric models.

With the long wheelbase it offers both front and rear passengers plenty of space and the luxury finish means that no matter where you’re sitting in the vehicle it will be a comfortable ride.

9. Citroen Ami


Citroen are bringing us their tiny car that rivals Smart as a micro city vehicle, with a turning circle of just 7.2 metres.

The two seater is designed for the stop start traffic of city living and has a top speed of just 28 mph and a range of 46 miles. It’s already been a success for the past two years since it’s initial release in other countries but 2022 is the first time Citroen will sell the vehicle in the UK, with prices estimated to be as low as £6,000.

Along with the Ami Cargo, which is designed for commercial use, the Ami is expected to hit UK shores in the spring.

Keep your eyes open for the Ami to hit our electric offers page soon!

10. Mercedes EQE


Mercedes are launching several brand new EV models in the next couple of years and this year we’ll see the EQE arrive in the UK.

It’s designed to be the battery-powered version of their best-seller E Class but comes on a bespoke platform that’s a slightly shorter version of the EQS’ EVA2 architecture. Although its appearance is a little more coupe-like the EQE is a four door saloon with slightly more space than the E Class for passengers’ comfort.

On the interior is also the option of Mercedes’ hyperscreen infotainment system which features two 12.3 inch screens and a 17.7 inch central digital display.

At first, it’s expected that the EQE will only be available in the 350 guise which means a rear mounted motor and 90 kWh battery for a range of up to 410 miles. However, the 4MATIC all wheel drive versions and AMG model are expected to follow soon after.

There will also be an SUV version of the EQE released, which Mercedes hope to take on Tesla’s Model X.

Although these are our top ten picks there’s plenty more models that will be coming onto our roads in the coming months including more electric Mercedes with the EQS SUV, an all-new Smart Concept 1 SUV which is a first for the brand and the Polestar 3 to name a couple.

We’ll keep you updated with all the exciting new releases just bookmark our blog or keep an eye on our socials for the latest!  


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