With more and more drivers choosing to lease their family cars, there’s one question that we’re seeing come up more often – can my children learn in a lease car? It’s a complicated one to answer, but we’ve done just that in the below article.  

Can I Drive a Lease Car with a Provisional Licence?

The answer to this isn’t a simple one as it will depend on a number of factors including:

  • The lease funder
  • The insurer
  • The driver

Firstly, some funders will only allow drivers with full UK (or equivalent international) driving licences to drive their vehicles so it will depend on who the lease funder is as to whether you can drive the car.

Similarly, not all insurance will cover provisional drivers. So, you will need to make sure the vehicle is insured by a provider who will cover you, and that you are aware of any restrictions that might be placed on you as a learner driver. One of the most common ones will be having a black box fitted to the car to monitor use as you will usually have to agree to speed limits or driving time restrictions.

And thirdly, as you will not be able to lease a car in your own name on a provisional licence then you will need the registered driver’s permission to use their vehicle. They must feel comfortable allowing you behind the wheel and know that you meet all of the requirements from the lease funder and their insurer.

Can I Lease a Car with a Provisional Licence?

The answer to this will unfortunately be no in most cases. The majority of funders require the leaser to have a full UK (or international equivalent) driving licence.

There are a few reasons why you need a full driving licence to lease a car. Firstly, cars need to be used regularly to ensure they don’t develop issues like a flat battery, seized brakes or similar that are caused by lack of use. These problems can be expensive to fix and also lead to further damage down the line.

Secondly, if you only have a provision licence you are still learning to use the car and so are more likely to cause damage through user error. For example, excessive braking leading to the brake pads being worn down more quickly.

And thirdly, if you do not pass your driving test or decide it’s no longer a priority for you then you are left paying for a product you do not use, or having to pay to early terminate the agreement. This would not be a smart financial commitment for you and as the funders have a duty of care towards their customers many feel that it would be irresponsible for them to allow a non-qualified driver to lease a car.

Can I Lease a Car When I’m 17?

Even if you have passed your driving test then you may find it difficult to get a lease when you are under 18. This is because a lease agreement is a type of financial credit and under 18’s are considered a young person who cannot legally be held in a contract.

You might also find it difficult to lease a car once you’ve had your 18th birthday, as you may not have much on your credit file to show your credit worthiness. However, you may be able to lease a car more easily if you have a parent who will act as a guarantor on the agreement.

For more about leasing as a young driver we recommend taking a look at our young driver leasing guide and if you still have questions then our team is always available to help on 0330 221 0000.

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