Welcome back to the latest instalment in our day in the life series. We’ve already spoken with one of our Directors, the head of our Customer Services Team, and a key member of our Pricing Team and this week we’re talking to our resident writer.

Abby is a Senior SEO and Creative Content Executive which means she’s responsible for creating content across our websites that you see, including the guides, blogs and vehicle descriptions which help us rank higher with Google in order to appear in your feeds so you see our great leasing deals. You’ll often see her name against the articles on our blog, along with Marketing Manager Will Bullen and Spencer Blake’s quarterly updates.

A lot of Abby’s work is behind the scenes but helps our website appear higher in your search making it easier for you to find our fantastic leasing deals, saving you money on your dream car! Her articles and guides will also help you to understand more about the leasing process and the vehicles and answer some of the most frequently asked, and a few more unique, questions.


Before Xcite Car Leasing

Before joining Xcite Car Leasing I was at university in Bath doing a masters degree and working part time around that in a petrol garage and bakery.  Once I finished my degree, I knew I wanted a regular nine to five job that allowed me to have my weekends back again as my part time hours were fairly unsociable with me working either the opening or closing shift and weekends.

I originally started in the Customer Service Team at Xcite Car Leasing and I’d worked in customer services part time when I completed my undergraduate degree and around travelling so it felt like a great opportunity to get some normalcy (weekends) back in a role that I had experience in but a totally new industry.

When I interviewed at Xcite Car Leasing, I liked the friendly atmosphere of the business and the close-knit teams really appealed to me. As did the focus the business had on making sure that their staff had a healthy work-life balance.

After being here for just over a year there was the opportunity to interview for a role within the marketing team in content creation. My passion has always been writing and both of my degrees are in something adjacent to this (journalism and creative writing) so it seemed like the perfect role within a business I really enjoyed working for. I was lucky enough to get the job and transitioned over to the marketing team before the pandemic.

Morning Routine

I’m a morning person so I’m usually up at 5am. I like to exercise first thing in the morning, it’s nice and quiet when you go for a run that early and it’s never too hot like it can be later in the day. After I’ve worked out I’ll get ready for the day, shower etc and if I have some free time after that it’s usually spent doing some chores so I can have the evening free to do what I want after work.

I also like to make sure I’ve got a cup of tea ready for when I open up my laptop and get started with the day.

Daily Work

Day to day can look very different for me as I write content for a few of our websites and the content we need can take various forms. I’ll typically aim to get one piece or project done each day, depending on the time needed to research and write this and other tasks and meetings I have on that day.

I write pieces for the blogs, guides, and update other bits of our site in order to optimise their SEO rankings. I really like the creative freedom I have in the role and the research involved in creating unique and informative pieces that are engaging for our readers.

Working from Home

I’m personally not a fan of working from home. For me, I like to have the distinction between work and home life and the journey into/out of the office gives me time to separate them. When I did need to work at home more frequently, I found it very difficult to switch off from work as the laptop was never far away and then equally when it’s time to work there’s still all the chores that need doing in the background.

I think it’s been great for the business though, and know it’s offered lots of departments the opportunity to be more flexible with their teams and especially for the parents in the business who now have more time to spend with their families.

I’m in the office three to four days a week as I’m currently living a 45 minute drive away from the office and it’s nice to have one day a week where I get to spend that extra hour and a half doing something else other than driving in.

I’m a very organised person and love a list so in the office I’ve got a calendar with my expected work schedule on there and a to do list taped to the desk. But at home I don’t have a permanent workspace set up, so it tends to be working in whatever spot I feel like at the time, whether that’s with the laptop on my knees on the sofa or at the dining table or kitchen side.

Life Outside Xcite Car Leasing

I love to read and write in my spare time, and you’ll usually find me engrossed in a story one way or another. I’ve recently moved to a village so I also enjoy exploring the countryside around us, whether that’s by foot, on a bike or in a car.

I’d like to think if I wasn’t working at Xcite Car Leasing I’d still be writing, probably as a journalist or in PR as that’s what my degrees are in. Or I’d be back at university, getting my PHD and a load more student loan debt.


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