If you’re searching for an automatic car that you can lease for between 12 and 48 months, Xcite Car Leasing can help. We have a wide range of the best automatic car lease deals, offering competitive prices across some of the most popular automatic car models.

It’s no secret that automatic cars are easier to drive thanks to their lack of manual gear shifting and no clutch pedal. For many people, this also means they offer a better driving experience with less to think about when behind the wheel.

Due to this, over the last few years automatic cars have become increasingly popular in the UK, and you can join in on the fun with our full range of automatic vehicles. Whether it’s an automatic petrol or diesel model or an electric car lease deal, we’ll have the perfect automatic vehicle for you at Xcite Car Leasing. Browse our offers below.

Benefits of Automatic Car Lease Deals

  • With no need to operate a clutch or change any gears, automatic cars tend to be easier and smoother to drive
  • Eliminate the risk of stalling while driving, reducing potential stressful situations
  • A much better option for drivers with disabilities and physical limitations
  • Better fuel efficiency than most manual cars, which can save you money
  • A wide variety of fuel types, with petrol, diesel, hybrid and fully electric options
  • Get ahead of the curve, as manual cars are phased out in the UK over the next few decades
  • Automatic cars can be safer than manuals, as you can keep both hands on the wheel rather than changing gears often
  • Leasing an automatic can be less expensive than buying outright or other finance options

Who Can Automatic Car Leasing Be Right For?

Automatic lease deals can be the best option for different people in various scenarios, including:

  • City drivers that tend to stop and start a lot due to lots of traffic
  • Newer drivers that may be less confident behind the wheel, as automatics are easier to operate
  • Drivers with certain physical limitations, as they have no clutch or manual gears
  • People who want to try an automatic car without the balloon payments that come with buying outright
  • Drivers who generally want a smoother driving experience
  • Those who want to switch to an electric car, as all fully electric vehicles have an automatic transmission
  • Long distance drivers that simply want to focus on the road and avoid the need for constant gear changes
  • Tech-focused drivers, with automatic cars having a wide range of modern safety features and driver assistance systems

How Our Automatic Car Leasing Process Works

Leasing an automatic car with us is easy! It’s a four-step process that begins with finding the right vehicle for you and ends with delivery straight to your door. Our expert sales and customer services team will be there to help you every step of the way too:

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Your Automatic Car Leasing FAQs Answered

What are the Differences Between a Manual and an Automatic Car?

The key difference between automatic and manual cars is how they change gears. In an automatic, as the name suggests, the gears change automatically as the driver accelerates or decelerates. In manual cars, the driver controls the gears using the clutch pedal and a gear shift.

Another difference is the number of pedals, as a manual car has three; the accelerator, the brake and a clutch pedal. An automatic car has no clutch, with just an accelerator and brake. 

Are Automatic Cars Easier to Drive?

Yes, automatic cars tend to be easier to drive than manual cars thanks to their lack of a clutch and no manual gear changing. This makes them a great option for newer drivers or those who want a smoother driving experience. 

Are Automatic Cars More Expensive to Lease?

There isn’t a massive difference in the prices between a manual and automatic car lease deal. The main things that affect leasing prices tend to be things like the car’s overall value, mileage limits, the length of the leasing contract and the exact model, rather than the transmission type.

Are Automatic Cars Better for City Driving?

While both transmission types can work well for inner-city driving, automatic cars have a range of advantages in these areas. For example, automatic cars are much better when in stop-and-start traffic as you don’t need to worry about gear changes. Having less to do when behind the wheel also means you can fully focus on what’s happening in front of you, which is important on busy city streets.  

What Types of Automatic Cars are Available to Lease?

Here at Xcite Car Leasing, there are loads of different automatic cars available to lease right now. As all electric vehicles are automatic transmissions, our full range of electric cars can be picked from, which include top EV manufacturers like Tesla and Polestar. Some automatic petrol and diesel options are available too including brilliant models like the Volkswagen Polo and Nissan Qashqai

How Long Can I Lease an Automatic Car For?

With our automatic car lease deals, you can choose from contract lengths starting at 12 months through to 48 months. If you’re after a timeframe in the middle, there are also options of 18, 24, or 36 months. 

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