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Suzuki Vitara Lease Deals

The Suzuki Vitara is a great choice if you’re looking for a hybrid SUV, that doesn’t require plugging in to charge it and still has great four by four capability, with the optional ALLGRIP technology to handle any terrain.

It comes with a whole host of safety features as standard including blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning and traffic sign recognition to help keep you and your passengers as safe as possible while you're driving. 

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Suzuki is a Japanese brand that is known for creating affordable models that you can rely on to perform in everyday life and the Vitara is no exception to this.

Compare Suzuki Vitara Lease Deals

You can currently choose from three different trim levels the Vitara SZ4, Vitara SZ-T and Vitara SZ5 and we have deals on them all simply scroll up again to browse them. 

You can also compare these deals with our other SUV leasing offers to see how they measure up.

Your Suzuki Vitara Leasing Questions Answered

What are the Advantages of Leasing a Suzuki Vitara?

You can benefit from much lower initial deposit amounts when leasing a Vitara when compared to buying, while the monthly payments will remain low for the duration of your agreement.

There will never be any need to worry about depreciation in value either, as you can hand the car back hassle-free at the end of the deal.

What is the Best Suzuki Vitara Leasing Deal?

The Vitara is available via a number of cheap leasing deals across all specs and we work hard to find the very best possible prices for our customers which means we can’t guarantee a particular Vitara spec will always be the cheapest or best for your money. You can see all our deals by scrolling up or if you want to discuss anything then you can reach our team on 0330 221 000, requesting a call back via the purple phone in the bottom left of your screen and our live chat in the bottom right.

What is the Range of the Hybrid Vitara?

Suzuki themselves haven’t outlined an exact number of miles that the Vitara can travel on just the electric power alone, stating it can travel ‘short distances’. The electric battery works alongside the petrol engine to power the car, using hybrid power to its full potential.

Is the Vitara a 4x4?

The Suzuki Vitara is available in all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive versions, with this model being an inexpensive and practical SUV.

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